Aug 09


A while back, Juli and I documented a little music festival that could. Some fun cameos in this, what a blast.

three parts, here are the other two:

Jun 24

CCOMcast #2 March 2014 with Lady Beaver -

May 24

BLALKS, by Gentleman Surfer -

Jan 30


Jan 07


Oct 09


Sep 09

Golden Glimpses - DD Walker’s second photography show

Aug 30


May 20


Dec 16

blob sample

You: i crack myself up
Stranger: hey
You: hi seriously though
Stranger: pole or hole!
You: whaaaat? whoa
You: what in the world
You: could that even mean?
You: oh wait i get it
You: but theres no question mark!
Stranger: hahaha
You: im sorry
Stranger: ?
You: there’s*
Stranger: kw pole or hole?
Stranger: haha!
You: kilowatt pole or hole?
You: what is that?
You: is that a gang sign?
You: kw, what is that? korean wiggas?
Stranger: it means that u have dick thats a pole an
Stranger: an if u r female thats a hole!
You: clap
You: clap
You: clapclap
You: clapclapclapclapclapclapclap
Stranger: understood
Stranger: hahahaha
Stranger: thanks!
You: clapcclapclapclapclaspclalapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap
You: really though brava!
Stranger: so u pole or a sexy hole
You: clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapcapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap
Stranger: thank u!
Stranger: ok its ok know!
You: i mean wow
You: pole or hole, wow
You: clapclapclapclapclap
You: wow
You: dude remember when you said that funny thing?
You: Stranger: Hello
You: You: You: hi
Stranger: hey
You: are you kinda old and wise to talk to?
Stranger: im wise but not all that old
You: ok ok
You: an open minded person?
Stranger: yes
You: alright then
You: brothersister in humanity
You: i feel the omegle may not be an infinite feedback loop of psychic trauma
You: afterall
You: im gonna post my old conversation into this one
You: You: You: You: hi
Stranger: gay male here
You: im a female :/
You: with big boobies
Stranger: im gay
You: i know!
You: haha
Stranger: i got big boobies 2
You: whoaaaaa
Stranger: ikr sooooooooooo coooooooooollllllll
You: is that korean slang?
Stranger: yep
You: are you flashing gang signs?
Stranger: noooo
You: damn i saw doh!
You: uh oh
You: hook me up with your straight brother
Stranger: no
Stranger: he is mine
You: :0
You: noooooooo
You: he dint
Stranger: my bro
Stranger: not urs
You: im uh
You: posting my last conversation.
You: its not something im proud of
You: .
You: ….
Stranger: lol ;d
Stranger: u female, yes?
You: ya sure. with big old boobies
You: …
Stranger: ;d
Stranger: how old r u?
You: quarter century
You: whats that the gold aniversary? copper?
You: are you flashing gang signs? what are those?
You: uh sorry
You: i regurgitated
You: this last conversation
You: into this one
You: sorry i should have said “that” last conversation
Stranger: can I read it one second
You: take 20
Stranger: lol what’s all that about
You: those are actually 2 different conversations
Stranger: strange:/
You: now we are on #3
You: think of this like return of the jedi
You: read it and analyse it
Stranger: okk
Stranger: What is it
Stranger: ?
You: it?
You: i dont really know…
You: it?
You: what really is it? like it as a thing? what is that?
You: im confused now
You: but fear not, ever lucid
Stranger: help you ?
You: as fast a typist as a thinker
Stranger: what ?
You: wait what cant you understand?
Stranger: noo
Stranger: taken
You: ?
You: kraken
Stranger: > ?
You: bacon
You: rakin!
Stranger: what ?
You: give it a good old fashion rakin’!
You: whoops
You: deeper down the rabbit hole
You: this must be the uhm, 5th circle! where narcissists go!
Stranger: Lol wat
Stranger: Im 43
Stranger: Hello
You: watt. a unit for measuring power. 1 joule per second=1W
You: =no definition
Stranger: ( ====?
You: is that supposed to be a penis?
You: are you flashing gang signs?
Stranger: u liked it!lol dont u!
You: i do like it. i love it
You: into the blob you are sucked!
Stranger: thankx
Stranger: wht?
You: whats that? wht?
You: is that a gang sign?
Stranger: no no!
Stranger: so ur a dude then!
You: im not only a dude
You: im a very dude’ly dude
Stranger: but dont use it!its my signature move!
You: doodelly dood
Stranger: ok
You: dude
You: dude bro
Stranger: yeah!
You: thats what im talking about
You: some real dudely dude time